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    Posting this again because everyone should watch it, even if you’re not a fan. Belle & Sebastian documentary about the making of their album If You’re Feeling Sinister.

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    The Gayties!

    The 80s were quite gay. Even the news.

    There are so many great mustaches (on men and women) in this newsdoc. So. Many. And great quotes: “Research indicates that most homosexuals are responsible citizens who contribute to society as much as heterosexuals. If you would like more information regarding homosexuality you can send a self-addressed, stamped return envelope to “The Gay 80s,” Box A, Hollywood, CA. 90027.”

    You know what’s not great, though? The lesbian bar profiled is super boring. No Diana Ross blaring, no Can’t Stop the Music clips playing, no topless dancing, no drinking. Not feeling it, ladies.

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    “Ken says, “Women can be great role models, but we need gay male role models.” Perhaps all we need is open, honest discussions about being young and gay. So much emphasis is put on coming out and acceptance. Still, we cannot reasonably expect to be embraced as complex, layered, loving human beings when we reject each other so easily. Cole’s point that “all the gay community has in common is their sexuality, so the center of gay culture is sex” demonstrates a rejection of all that an authentic community can offer. The modern conception of a young gay community in New York City is disjointed, varied, and seemingly unnecessary as a support system, but also far more complex, layered, and filled with non-stereotypical qualities than most people, including the people within it, seem to acknowledge.”

    Homo: Looks interesting! And we agree, women are a great example to model after, because women, unlike gay men, cannot claim to be a community. There’s no one ideal or role model, but a plurality and that pluralism should be ours. If we give up the fiction of a happy unified gay village (that never existed and never will), we can let go of policing “gay standards” for not living up to ideals. Let men be drawn by affinity and desire to form their own tribal constellations. (This is what’s happening anyway.) Give up also any pretense of a stable identity (didn’t one of us, Proust, put a nail in that coffin?) and honor the complexity of our precarious existence. 

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    m83 ° wait

    album: hurry up, we’re dreaming!, director: fleur & manu (prod. by the creators project), label: mute, web: http://ilovem83.com

    fleur & manu already directed midnight city and reunion.

    and this is another fantastic one from them.

    this song turned out to be my favourite from the latest m83 album an year ago, when the only thing i could do was wait. it’s still my favourite. guess why.

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    The Problem With Religion - Richard Dawkins

    Let children grow up with an open mind instead of indoctrinating them with religion when they are naïve and innocent. Let them decide for themselves when they are older if they want to believe or not. I will forever be grateful that I was raised this way. If I had grown up my whole life believing in god, I wonder if it would have been this easy to separate myself from religion. It scares me to think about it. 

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    Interview with Cartoonist Justin Hall: “No straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics” (by Mike Enders)


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    The Saddest Boy in the World 

    a short film 

    directed by Jamie Travis 

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    Phantogram “Don’t Move” 

    fav of the day.